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Who We Are

  • Founded by Sonographers, for Sonographers: Prepry is a specialized educational platform committed to delivering exceptional ultrasound education.

  • Expertise-Driven: Our team comprises seasoned sonographers who understand the nuances and challenges of the field.

Our Mission

  • Simplifying Complexity: We distill intricate ultrasound concepts into digestible information.

  • Exam-Focused: Our primary aim is to prepare students for key certification exams including ARDMS®, CCI®, and ARRT®.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: We offer preparation materials for a wide range of exams such as SPI Abdomen, Breast, OB/GYN, Pediatric Sonography, and Vascular Technology.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Clarity and Conciseness: Our content is designed to be straightforward and to-the-point, enabling students to quickly grasp and apply the material.

  • Alignment with Professional Standards: Our educational materials are developed in accordance with guidelines for ARDMS, ARRT and CCI exams.

  • Innovative Learning Tools: We leverage cutting-edge technology to offer interactive learning experiences.

Why Choose Prepry

  • Quality: Uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of educational content.

  • Relevance: Tailored to meet the evolving needs of both novice and experienced sonographers.

  • Integrity: Adherence to the highest ethical standards in medical education.

About Prepry:

Elevating Ultrasound Education


The Team


Michael Zaladonis MBA, RVT

Sam Wagner-Sevy RVT, RDCS

Daniel Ziobro BS, RVT, RDMS

Megan Potter RDMS (AB BR OB/GYN) RVT

Jenna Laquerre, BS, R.T.(R), RDMS (AB, OB, PS, BR), RVT

Shannon Redmon, BS, RDMS (AB, OB, BR), RVT

Sheryl E. Goss MS, RT(R)(S), RDMS,RDCS, RVT, RVS, FSDM

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