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Boost your Ultrasound and Radiography programs passing rates with Prepry.

Monitor student performance, view trends, remediate as needed, and achieve industry leading results with Prepry Review.

Educator Dashboard Included

We include access to our educator dashboard with all institutional purchases at no additional cost. With full control over your program, you can monitor student performance, view trends, create assignments, remediate as needed, standardize your program, and much more.

Monitor student
progress and 

Screenshot of Prepry’s data analytics dashboard showing user engagement metrics and activity logs.”

Monitor Cohort progress and performance.

Abdomen Ultrasound Exam Review - Prepry Comprehensive Resources


Passing Rate




Questions Answered

Industry Leading Results

Compared to the ARDMS exam averages, Prepry Review’s students are significantly more likely to pass.

Prepry platform interface displaying user performance statistics and progress tracking.”

Exam Simulator

Our question banks offer a vast array of exam like questions and essential facts. Students can take an unlimited number of mock exams from this bank, which is specifically designed to simulate the look and feel of the actual exam day. By taking timed exams, students can test their endurance and better prepare for the real thing.

Prepry’s interactive learning module with radiographic and ultrasound

How Prepry Supports Institutions and Programs

Echo Exam Prep with Prepry - Interactive Study Tools


Strengthen and Sustain Core Knowledge

Prepry’s active learning resources, grounded in cognitive science, are crafted to integrate smoothly with your existing curriculum, enhancing teaching materials and engaging learners effectively. This approach helps solidify knowledge application and boosts academic performance, ensuring students are optimally prepared for exams.


Provide Real-Time, Actionable Insights

With Prepry’s advanced data analytics capabilities, institutions can monitor real-time progress and achievements. Detailed reports and national benchmarks offer insights that assist in refining study strategies for learners and enable educators to tailor their teaching to optimize learning outcomes.

Prepry Ultrasound Exam Prep - Engaging Video Lectures”


Achieve Educational Objectives

Prepry’s SmartAnalytics delivers comprehensive performance metrics, including longitudinal data and comparative analytics, which reveal educational trends and gaps. This critical data assists institutions in achieving their curricular goals by helping educators enhance the learning experience for all students, especially those who may be struggling.

Abdomen Ultrasound Exam Review - Prepry Comprehensive Resources

Start Improving Program Outcomes Today!

Dedicated learning and assessment platform for ultrasound and radiography programs looking to better equip educators to support optimal learning and exam outcomes to produce more healthcare professionals.

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