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Hello, Adaptive Question Banks.

Prepry's Adaptive Question Banks leverage cutting-edge AI to deliver a superior study experience, integrating high-quality exam-style questions with advanced analytics, mnemonic videos, and the principles of learning science. Our system adapts to individual testing behaviors, optimizing learning pathways and boosting performance on high-stakes exams.

Prepry analytics dashboard with performance graphs and optimization tools.

What makes Prepry’s Adaptive Question Banks different?

Illustration of a light bulb representing innovative ideas and solutions in the Prepry learning environment.


Optimize Study Time

Maximize the impact of your study hours by focusing on areas where you need the most improvement. Prepry's Adaptive Question Banks enable you to pinpoint weak spots and customize quizzes to target these areas effectively. Engage in Tutor Mode for detailed explanations that simplify complex subjects.


Enhance Knowledge Retention

Turn knowledge into long-term memory with our targeted reinforcement strategies. As you answer questions, our AI identifies your misses and applies learning science techniques like spaced repetition and mnemonic devices. This approach can enhance retention by up to 331%.

Graph depicting the spaced repetition learning curve n a radiographic physics lesson from Prepry.”


Simulate the Real Exam Environment

Prepare for your exams with a testing environment that mirrors actual test conditions. Our Adaptive Question Banks act as your personal exam simulator, ensuring you are test-ready.

Prepry learning module featuring a radiographic image with interactive analysis options.

Test your best with Prepry!

Exam Alignment

Each question bank is precisely mapped to your exam's content outline, ensuring relevant study material.

Always Updated

Stay ahead with regularly updated question banks that reflect the latest medical knowledge and exam criteria.

Varied Testing Modes

Choose from timed, untimed, or tutor modes to match your study style.

Detailed Explanations

We focus on developing clear explanations to reinforce learning points and reference where you can learn more.

Bottom Lines

Our explanations are crafted to reinforce key learning points, with additional resources for further study.


After your initial set of questions, gain insights through analytics compared to national averages.

Test your best with Prepry!

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